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Zion lived his


Zion graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School in 2019. In September of 2019, he began his next chapter at Rutgers University in Camden NJ, majoring in composition and music technology. Zion loved to travel with his family and eat fast food. Zion took pride in his appearance and the plethora of expensive sneakers he owned. Above all, Zion loved hanging out with his friends, dancing, making prank videos, playing basketball and making music. 


Zion was a young man with many talents. His innovation and creativity in the Arts developed a passion for music. Zion started producing music as a hobby and turned it into a skilled craft. Once his dad realized he had a natural born talent, he introduced Zion to a music development program called DASH. This program secured a path that enhanced his skill with writing music and master recording. 


On October 12th, 2019, Zion’s life came to a tragic end in a fatal car accident. His death was unexpected and heartbreaking to everyone that knew him. While on this earth for almost 19 years, Zion lived his best LIFE.


Now let us live his


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Letter FromMom


My beloved Zion Sincere. Although my heart aches for you every day, I am hopeful that I will see your lovely face again. I am grateful for the 18 ½ years of co-parenting you. You were such a joy and delight. I would like to thank you for being such a great son. Your humble spirit and vibrant smile touched so many hearts. I appreciate how you embraced the things your father and I presented to you. I also thank you for gracefully telling us when your interest changed with certain sports, ministries or activities. However, you embraced karate and learned to persevere. You accepted friendships and learned how to love. You clinched your skills for basketball and learned the importance of discipline and team work. You welcomed the cotillion ball and learned the value of social etiquette and appropriate morals. You held steady to the male usher board and learned how to be a quiet servant. Finally, you cherished your love for music and tapped into your creativity. Zion’s Project Inc. will allow us to support young adults that are interested in creative and performing arts and most of all to celebrate your wonderful life.




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